New Summer Vest

I have been wanting to do a more open work, summery vest, so I tried out the Lotus Mandala Circular Vest from Morale Fiber. It takes more time and yarn than the Cottage Vests I’ve been making, but totally worth it!

I’ll have this vest for sale at TriPride or if you want me to make a custom one for you, fill out the form below.

Viking Hat Commission

No, not that kind of viking hat… The Vikings did not, in fact, wear horns on their helmets. I met a nice Viking re-enactor at ConCarolinas earlier this month who was looking for a more historical cool weather hat to complete his garb. I did not explore the traditional and historical folk craft of binding/weaving which was how his example hats were made, but attempted a similar look through linked double crochet – which was likely much faster.

My first attempt used a brown/gold/purple yarn that I liked and knew would make a good prototype (the client wanted more earthy colors). Scandinavian-descended husband models the prototype below for authenticity 😀

So, after feedback, Viking Hat 2.0 has a smaller braid and I used a light and dark gray for the main colors with a thread of a remnant ball I had that faded from mossy green to rusty brown to wine burgundy – I only used it in the final pull through of the dark gray stitches to accent the line and keep the hat to mostly grays.

I really love the way this turned out and I will likely make some more in other colors before my events this Fall. If you would like one of your very own, you can commission one or find me at my upcoming events and see what I’ve made!

Appalachian Renaissance Faire 2021

I had a great time at the Appalachian Renaissance Faire in Greeneville, TN this past weekend. It was a little chilly, but hey, I was able to supply the good citizens of the Duchy with many gloves and hats, as well as pouches, wands, and other ornamentation. I met some lovely people and, despite the machinations of evil enchanters to snarl up the parking situation, there was a steady flow of patrons and plans are afoot to improve the space further. I am definitely looking forward to their next event.

Welcome to my new site!

Hedge Witch Accessories is a new brand I am launching to focus on the craftier side of my product offerings — the handmade cosplay accessories, crocheted gifts and apparel, and jewelry. You can still find my geeky T-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc under Rebekah McGrady, Mercenary Art Ninja. That is where you can contact me for graphic design and illustration projects, while this site is going to be more about my handmade goods, so feel free to let me know if you’re wanting a custom hat, cat couch, wand or jewelry piece!